Giving Love Letters

Last week was quite the week.  Sick kitties, car problems, work stuff, etc.  Add your typical holiday stresses and just forget about it – I was done.

But, I was again reminded of the power of positive thinking.  No matter how bad the situation gets, you just have to continue to be positive and things get better. If you truly stay positive, then wonderful things come around. A friend once told me, bad luck is still luck and I’ve discovered it only take a little bit of happy to turn it around.  Two wonderful things happened this week:

First, my promotion finally went through at work!! As of Friday afternoon I got the HR phone call and as of today, I am officially a full time salaried employee at Sacramento State!  I had gotten to the point where I had given up completely on it happening before the holidays.  But it was a wonderful surprise.
Second, I discovered More Love Letters’  12 days of  love letter writing. And received the perfect white elephant gift:

Hannah has created this amazing forum for us – any of us – to help a stranger in need of a little bit more love in their lives.  Today is day 8.  And today I will write my 5th love letter.  I’ve already written Hannah, Josie, Tara and Erika for days 4-7.

Today’s letter receiver is  7-year-old Julia.  According to Hannah, Julia has been battling cancer for most of her life.  Even with her hardships, she is in bright spirits with many people who love her.  She loves Harry Potter, reading, and nail polish.  Learn more about her here.

Won’t you help me send a little love to little Julia today?  It only takes 10 minutes, some heartfelt thoughts and some pretty stationery.  What better way to celebrate this season of giving, than sharing a little bit of love and positivity with someone in need?

And if it so moves you, please sign up to participate here.

Thank you Hannah, for creating and giving us this wonderful opportunity!

Spread the positive. Spread the love.

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