Celebrating “Imperfect Christmases” and the Journey into 2012

No matter who you are or what your background – Christmas is never perfect.  The holidays are usually far from that.  But that is also kind of the beauty of them.  The chaos, the family time, and everything in between.  I think I’ve probably been sick four out of the five last Christmases. This year is no exception.

I get my Christmas excitement on early – which many people don’t understand or choose to make fun of – but I do what I do and it makes me happy. I enjoy the marathon of planning, buying, making and watching my Christmas movies multiple times.  It brings me happiness.  Chris may chuckle a bit at my 4th round of watching Love Actually (which he really can’t get tired of either 😉 ) or Muppet’s Christmas Carol but he knows how happy it makes me and he loves me, so he embraces it.

I usually also hit Christmas burnout towards the end. Too much time spending making candy, too many hours agonizing over gift shopping, too much holiday food and just all around exhaustion.  This year is no exception.

That’s also why the decorations always come down on December 26th.  Because while Christmas and the few months leading up to Christmas symbolize celebrating a year gone by – Christmas is always also the milestone heading into a new year – new beginnings and new possibilities.  And come December 27th, I am absolutely ready for a new year and all of the greatness that comes with that. This will especially be a Christmas for celebrating that for Chris and I.  For the first time in a long time I feel excited about our future and what’s to come.  2012 really starts the year of our “plan” – the implementation of our “pre-baby bucket list” – the real and tangible start towards our goals.  We are really finally getting there. And it’s going to be amazing. We’ve been together for 5 years in January, and I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful husband and best friend to be embarking on 2012 with.

While I go through the tying up of loose Christmas ends this last week, wrap the final presents, watch the final movies and indulge in way too much food – I just want to take a minute to accept the imperfections of Christmas and look towards a bright and happy 2012.

Christmas can never be perfect.  It isn’t supposed to be. Things happen.  Cats get sick, cars break, PEOPLE get sick, sometimes certain things take higher priority than the gym and you can’t fault yourself for that. Taking care of yourself is more important than making Christmas perfect.   It’s cliche but so, so true.  Embrace the idea that Christmas isn’t about a day, it’s about a celebration – whenever that may be.  Learning to live with the joys and pains that come with a husband who works for Amtrak – holidays don’t happen when they actually are written on the calendar, holidays happen when people you love are together.  Plain and Simple.  My brother won’t be home for Christmas either, but we will celebrate when I visit him in Boston in January.   So that’s why I say Merry Christmas Week(s) to all – and I hope that you get to take the time this week to reflect on the joys of 2011 as well as get excited for the joys of 2012.

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3 Responses to Celebrating “Imperfect Christmases” and the Journey into 2012

  1. Lucy says:

    I just came across your blog and I was drawn to this post as I scrolled down because it’s so true! Everyone has such big expectations of Christmas and sometimes we get disappointed if they don’t turn out exactly as we’d hoped. It would be great if Christmas was like in films but things are never that perfect so we should appreciate the lovely things that we have instead and quality time with family and friends. When I complained about not ‘feeling very christmasy’ this year my mum told me that it can only be what I make of it. So I cheered up and put on some Christmas movies! Hope you had a great Christmas and I look forward to following your pre-baby bucket list 🙂

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