Post Christmas Thoughts and A Recipe

As I pack up the last of the Christmas boxes and look around at my newly clean living room, I am overcome with the impetus to hit the ground running to start all of the things I want to do in this upcoming year and upcoming months.  Until next year – Christmas.     As I put them away, I also look forward to future Christmases several years down the line where Chris and I will get to share the magic of Christmas with our own children.  Yes, several years, my friends.  While we aren’t putting any specific number to it – Chris and I know that children are still a few years down the line in our future.  (Europe first!)

The upcoming months and year? Where do I even start??

Redecorate living room.

Find cute new cubicle accessories.

Prepare for Boston (and NY) trip at the end of January.

New Years Resolutions??

Find some new books to read. (and renew my library card so I can borrow kindle books!)

Eventually publish our pre-baby bucket list.

Organize emails.

Find healthy new recipes.

Practice Zumba, because OMG I’m supposed to be teaching it in a little over a month.

Find time for more Yoga.

Okay, okay before I turn this into its own set of New Year’s Resolutions (which will be coming soon!) I am going to stop and enjoy my week off from work.  Starting with Happy Hour with one of my best friends today and FINALLY – sick or no sick – getting back to Zumba tonight!! 🙂

Enjoying the little things:  A clean living room, homemade lasagna, a glass of wine and dancing with my favorites.  Perfect.

If you would like the recipe go here.   It’s even Weight Watchers! 🙂

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