My 2012 Goals

Well, here it is – quintessential New Year’s Day resolution post.  Spend less, save more.  Worry less, smile more.  Eat healthier.  Exercise.  All of the standards.  Well, with the exception of number 5 which is health-oriented, my resolutions are a little different than in past years, and for that, I think they actually have a chance at success!

Here they are:

New Year’s Resolutions, 2012

  1. Read at least 12 books. Last year, I shot for much too high a goal at 25– even with the filler school-forced books.  12 for 2012. I think that 12 is a much more reasonable number at 1 per month.  Hopefully between many train trips and a couple of plane trips I am able to surpass this, but keeping it at 12 makes in an actual attainable New Year’s resolution to go for.
  2. Start Learning Italian.  In the spirit of our pre-baby bucket list that I am nearly ready to post publicly, I have always wanted to learn Italian, and since we are planning to make it to Europe (including Italy) in the next 3 years, I want to get a heard start.  Time to start researching summer classes!
  3. Take an art class.  This one has always been something I’ve wanted to do.  I’m not sure what kind of class or where yet, but my plan is to make the time to take some sort of art/drawing/painting class in 2012!
  4. Make writing a habit, not a just a goal.  I love writing.  I always have.  Considering my major was Creative Writing and its what I do in my job…I’d better right?  But with my ridiculous schedule, minus the sporadic blogging, I never have found the time to just do it for myself. But now without school, or having a zillion jobs – I think know 2012 will be the year that I make the time!
  5. Add variation to my healthy lifestyle. It wouldn’t be new years resolutions if you didn’t have the cliché health focused one, right?? Well as much as I exercised in 2011, I think 2012 is the year to find the variation and balance in my work-outs so that I can continue to lose weight, build muscle and avoid burn out.  There is such a thing as too much and I will never let myself get to the point where I don’t like the gym. Finding the balance between zumba, body pump and softball while adding in more yoga and reminding myself when it’s time to rest are the goals!  Also, while of course healthy eating and cooking are always on my list – one other thing to add is less caffeine and more herbal tea and water.  Gone – hopefully – are the days of gogirl energy drinks on top of coffee every day. If two days in the hospital for kidney problems doesn’t do that to ya – then I don’t know what will.  While I love my coffee – and caffeinated tea – and I won’t entirely give those things up, I do hope to mix them up with other things. Getting the herbal tea of the month club from Teavanna from my parents will surely help this!

Happy New Year, all! Remember, it’s a clean slate and there is plenty of promise for greatness on the horizon of 2012!

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