The Pre-Baby Bucket List

Today marks 5 years since the day Chris and I first started dating.  I know it’s not our wedding anniversary and he laughs when I still bring up January 4th since it’s not a “real” anniversary anymore.  But I’d say being together for five years is a pretty big deal.  And in the spirit of those 5 years, it seemed like the perfect time to present our hopes and dreams and plans for the next 5.  I love you Christopher, more than anything in the world, and I am so very fortunate to have found such an amazing man to share this journey with.


People are sometimes shocked that we got married so young, (22 & 27) but I think they are the ones who are crazy. I say that I am incredibly lucky to have met the person I want to spend my life with so young, because it means we are able to grow together and are able to share all of these extremely priceless experiences together.


First off, I have to credit this wonderful idea to the lovely miss Ashlee Gadd over at Where My Heart Resides.  I absolutely adore her blog and when I saw her post a few years ago about her and her husband’s “Pre-Baby Bucket List”, I thought – Genius! Total GENIUS!


I know, I know, a bucket list makes it sound like some things we want to do before we die.  Which we of course do not equate babies with death.  We have just made a conscious decision that we want to enjoy ourselves and our pre-baby, pre-parenthood alone time to the absolute fullest in order to better prepare us to grow into being the remarkable parents I know that we will eventually be.


Most of these have been in our heads since we got married a year and half ago, though I was always hesitant to make them a public announcement because in our previous financial state, I honestly wasn’t sure we’d even ever have the capacity to fulfill them. But thanks to some major hard work and a little luck over the last year, we are finally in a place where I have full faith that we can make these plans a reality over the next 5 years.  : ) There is something about putting them in print that makes the goals all the more real.


So without further ado:

Chris and Kellie’s Pre-Baby Bucket List

  1. Go to Europe. Italy and France for sure. For two weeks.  This is the number one thing that we want to happen before there is a child inside my body!
  2. Pay off vast majority of our debt. We may not succeed in paying off everything, and while we KNOW that while we can never be fully prepared for parenthood – having debt off our backs will certainly help.                                           
  3.  Go back to Maui. We had such a wonderful time on our honeymoon, and decided that we need to get back there before we have kids.  Since my parents have the condo, this should be a relatively easy one. This year.                                                              
  4. Take a cooking class together. We wavered between an art class and a cooking class, this we figured with Chris’s uncertain schedule, a one-day cooking class wouldn’t be too hard.
  5. Go to at least one NFL game.  We’ve been to NBA, we likely will make it to several more, as well as some MLB games.  But NFL will be one we have to make a conscious effort to plan.
  6. Have one super expensive, really fancy dinner.  I don’t mean like Firehouse or Ella in Sacramento fancy, I mean like nicest restaurant in San Francisco – REALLY fancy.
  7. Las Vegas.  Enough said. I’ve never been, and he hasn’t gone since he was a kid.  So we want do that whole she-bang together.
  8. Disneyland. Pre-kids, just us being big kids.
  9. Seattle/Oregon Trip. This kind of goes with number 10, as we plan to take the train up there and spend a whole week going around Seattle and Oregon to check out our neighbors to the north and all of the beautiful fun they have to offer.
  10. Take a long train trip. Because we can ride Amtrak for free, we’ve decided we definitely want to take advantage and take a long train trip up the coast to Seattle and Oregon.                

So there you have it.  Wish us luck!  But as Ashlee – who is now pregnant with a son – reminded me, it is also okay if we don’t complete our list fully.  We will do our damnedest! And I truly believe we will know when the time is right for us to have babies.   So for all of you who have been asking when we are gonna have them – there’s your answer!  😉


Here’s to the next few wonderful years, babe, and the many, many more as parents after that!


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