An Accidentally Wonderful Weekend

While I try to rest and gear up for the craziness that is our 60th anniversary event week at work that we’ve been planning for the last five months, I accidently happened to have one of the best weekends I’ve had in a long time.

It wasn’t glamorous; it didn’t include going out or spending much money.  It was one of those weekends where you don’t do a whole lot, but also aren’t worried about a whole lot – you aren’t worried about having a set plan of activities, or any hard and fast to-do lists, about cleaning your house for company or what outfit to wear out.  It was wonderful, and I can only hope that after the busy-ness of the next few weeks, that the spring can only bring more weekends like this.

Friday night after leaving work an hour late due to preparations for the upcoming week, I got to catch up with one of my favorite friends from college over her lovely homemade vegan dinner.  We have that special kind of catch-up where you literally don’t stop talking once over 2 hours and still have more to talk about. Also discovered an inexpensive wine that I really like.

Saturday morning was spent blowing off the gym by going to brunch filled with the best French toast in town with my dear husband followed by bridesmaid dress shopping with miss Karlee over at The Functional Bride-to-Be, ending with several episodes of Six Feet Under (which I love by the way!)

Sunday morning included a two-hour Bowl of Soul date with a great friend that could have gone on for several more hours. (A bowl of soul is an amazing chamomile infused steamed soy milk and honey drink from Sacramento’s local Naked coffee shops)  Followed by Zumba practice with the ZBFF – since I start teaching in 2 weeks – yikes!  Then an amazing NY Giants winning game leading directly into the Golden Globes.  Blog writing, Blog reading, Pinterest, Etsy and Bertie kitty time topped it all off.

And what, could there be more? Yes.

A holiday.

Here’s to Monday’s relaxing day to include sleeping in, happy hour with some of my favorite softball buddies, Zumba – of course, reading and maybe even busting out the Titanic DVD, just because I can.

Here’s hoping that every once in a while you can have a weekend as nice as this one.  Sometimes it’s okay awesome to spend several hours in front of the TV when you’ve had a long week, ditch the gym to eat yummy food and spend time with your husband, randomly surf the internet blogs, Etsy, Pinterest rather than doing the laundry.  Sometimes it’s also absolutely necessary to delete facebook from your phone to take a bit of a hiatus from all of that connection. PS – James Taylor Pandora might be one of the best.

Give all of the above a try.  I promise it will bring you joy.

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2 Responses to An Accidentally Wonderful Weekend

  1. Karen says:

    Whoa!!! The Bowl of Soul looks amazing in an actual bowl!!! I gotta go to that place again!

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