Growing up, there was something about New York.  It had this grandiose quality.  This magic that my childish brain aspired to. The whole east coast did.  Perhaps it’s because my dad is from New York and being a daddy’s girl that I am, all of his stories gave me that draw.

Or maybe it was just too many episodes of Sex and the City.

But New York seemed like the ideal, the great adventure, the best place to live, work – everything. But after having visited it again recently, I have realized that I’m really just kind of…over it.

I mean don’t get me wrong, it’s cool and all, and I absolutely adore Broadway shows…(Saw RENT for the 3rd time this last trip)…but it is just so not a place I could ever imagine living – or even visiting very often.  We all make jokes that things are different between the east coast and the west.  Heck there are dozens of pop songs alluding to the notion.  “New York state of mind” and Katy Perry’s incessant ‘Cal-i-for-nia girls, we’re unforgettable’ come to mind first. But I have to say, I am really subscribing that reality these days.   I am a California girl and proud of it!

I love our slower paced style of life.  I love small towns here. Our Produce. Our Suburbs. Our Wine. Parks. Tahoe. The Pacific Ocean. The Redwoods. So much more.  I love it here and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.  Some may call me unadventurous.  Others may completely agree.  Either way, I am happy to be putting together some more pieces of my 20-something life and figuring out who I am and what works for my reality.

Some people also may have thought it was crazy for Chris and I to get married so young, but the longer we’ve been together, the more I appreciate how fortunate I am to have found the person who I want to spend the rest of my life with at such a young age. I don’t like to gush too hard, and of course our relationship isn’t always perfect.  No relationship is. But he is the person who understands me and loves for who I am and who is almost always on the same page as me in every matter of our lives. My best friend.

So today I am feeling very fortunate for my happy California life with the most wonderful husband in the world.  Sometimes I forget to appreciate these little things that truly make life happy.

And to bring back a tradition I started on my old blog – Music Mondays.  Here’s a song for you.  Randy Newman’s live version of “Feels Like Home”  This has always been one of “our songs” and it seems fitting, as Chris and California both ‘feel like home to me’

What feels like home to you?

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