Tis The Season: Weddings and Babies

They say you get to ‘a certain age’ when everyone around you is getting married, and then everyone around you is having babies.  I’m there.


For both.

When I was still on Facebook, my entire newsfeed was filled bursting with newborns, toddlers, bridesmaids and honeymoons.

Two of my closest friends are engaged right now.

Seven – count them – SEVEN people at my day job are pregnant along with two of my cousins and one of my sister-in-laws. I know of a few other couples that aren’t too far away from it either.   It’s everywhere.  And the huge life changes that go along with it.  The hours spent pouring over wedding magazines colors and cake.  The days spent reading parenting books freaking out over whether you are ready to face the realities of parenthood.

I have to say, I am very happy to be past the wedding part.  As fun as all the planning was, and even with how fantastic the end result to ours was – it still was only one day.  ONE DAY out of an entire marriage.  I wouldn’t take it back or change it because it was beautiful and amazing and so fun, but it’s really working on the marriage and cultivating the future that I’m enjoying now.  We have a lot of building and figuring out to do a long the way.  But I know that a solid deep love and respect for one another is what will give us the foundation for a wonderful future and to be fantastic parents some day.

 Some day…

I have to say, it’s difficult not to catch the baby fever that is being dished out at every corner.  And while I know we’ve got some finances to figure out and a few things we’d like to do before we have kids – see pre-baby bucket list… I think it’s okay to dream a little bit about the future…because it’s going to be amazing.

I see a beautiful house, with a backyard and a vegetable garden.  Maybe a swing? Toddler fingers pulling on Bertie’s tail.


Family vacations and the first time they see The Lion King.  The first time they read Harry Potter! 

I see us debt free.  I see me doing work that I love and Chris being the amazing husband that he is and the father I know he will be now advanced in his career at Amtrak.

All such wonderful dreams – and sure there will many hurdles and obstacles and things that weren’t part of the “plan” – things that throw wrenches.  Things that change us.  Things that make us the people we were meant to become.  We don’t have it all figured out.  No one really does.  But we know that we got one thing right – each other.  And that’s really all that matters and that’s really what gets you through the hard times.  We may scream at each other – we may be stubborn – we may not apologize when we should.  We may even go to bed angry sometimes.  But we love each other unshakably to our cores.  This I know.  And we’ve got a hell of a journey ahead of us.  And we have to enjoy getting there.

And while I wanted to leave you with a Music Monday of Elton John’s “Levon” because it has been stuck in my head for a week and I’ve really been on an Elton John/Billy Joel kick…I’m instead going to leave you with Trace Adkins’ “You’re Gonna Miss This” Because it seemed much more fitting to this post and reminds me that I need to enjoy where we are now.



Baby fever be gone, friends.  Because we’re gonna miss this.

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4 Responses to Tis The Season: Weddings and Babies

  1. Mom says:

    Finally I actually found your current blog..yay!. I was reading it whenever you put it up on Facebook, but never bookmarked it, nor got signed up for updates…and of course you left Facebook, so I kept forgetting ( imagine that) to ask you about it. Anyway I am now caught up. You know i do agree with you, and admire that you know at your age, enjoying each day as it comes and not pushing your life too fast ahead by always thinking of this big thing or that in the future is the most rewarding way to live your life. Always brings a smile to me to read your thoughts, they bring me incite.

    You inspire me to start my own blog, because I spend every day with a running commentary in my mind about a multitude of things…maybe I can work thru a few things and enjoy looking back at my own thoughts.

  2. Angeline says:

    Girl, this is exactly where I am right now. We have seven weddings on the schedule this year, all of them out of state (because we moved out of state, I guess…they’re all in the same state :P). And babies? Don’t get me started. In addition to my girlfriends having babies, there was at least one pregnant lady in my (small) workplace for three years and counting (even after I left they’re still going…next one’s due in April).

    I agree that it’s easy to want to move on to the next stage in life quickly, but that it’s important to stop and smell the roses and really really enjoy the happiness that is a small family of just two, since once you cross that bridge, you can’t go back (or hopefully won’t have to).

    Glad I found this blog (or more accurately, that you found me 🙂

    • Omg, Angeline Seven?? I thought being matron of honor in TWO was bad enough! Lol!

      Seriously feel ya on the babies. We had brunch with one of our other child-less couple friends yesterday and they were saying –> go to Disneyland, it cures the baby fever right up. Or I guess in your case, disneyworld, now. hahaha.

      I think I happened upon your blog via another Sacramento blogger and/or twitter a while back. So nice to follow people who are in similar life situations!! 🙂

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