Willing Spring On

People often comment “You’re so bright today!”  Granted, today I wore a bright yellow dress with a bright teal sweater.  And I supposed that’s better than my other favorite – when wearing jeans: “Oh my GOD you’re wearing pants!” (People probably think I show up pants-less to work when really I just pretty much always wear a dress or a skirt) But, my point – my theory is, if I wear bright colors, it somehow wills the spring to come. 

It’s like how sometimes if you listen to the Sacramento morning birds and close your eyes you can almost picture being back in the Kihei condo in Maui and how the birds sound in the morning…

Too much to imagine?  Anyone else?? Bueller? Unfortunately walking out to my car in the morning doesn’t quite live up to walking across the street to Kamaole Beach in Hawaii… Sad face.

Anyway, Spring is another one of my favorite parts of living in Sacramento.  That and Fall.  Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the frostbitten tiny town of Truckee where we had two seasons: Winter and Construction.  Actually getting to have a spring where it’s a lovely warm, but not scorching hot and a fall that has pretty colored leaves and mild weather is wonderful.

I don’t know if I can even describe that spring feeling – when the air is still crisp, but with bits of warmth, hints of flowers and cut grass – the first batches of cherries hitting the farmer’s market.  The first evening spent playing softball outdoors.   I always remember when I was going to Sac State, returning to my car at the top of the parking garage and hearing the batting practice of the college teams and how that always signaled Spring was on its way.

Technically we are about two weeks away from the “first day of spring” but because of our lack of real winter, I wonder if that date will actually hold true this year…or if we are in for another monsoon-like March.

Either way, me and my bright colors will continue to daydream about warmer days and nights.

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2 Responses to Willing Spring On

  1. The Dad says:

    If it’s a good thought Marilyn and Alan Bergmann have lyrics for it.

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