Seven Sunday Sentiments: Movies Crab and Coffee.

I think there really is something to be said for the whole “Seasonal Depression” concept…okay, maybe not full on depression, but just general melancholy?

I am not a fan of rain.  Never have been and probably never will be.  Minus the occasional summer thunderstorm, I am just not a fan of being wet – and cold.   Wet and cold with snow? That’s a whole other story.  My hometown mountains and the fluffy white stuff I’m much more okay with.  🙂

Anyway despite the very rainy week and very stressful not-so-good workweek, I still have some Sunday Sentiments of Happy for you today.

1)   I attended a crab feed with my work BFF An on Friday night. And though I was inexplicably losing my voice, we filled our bellies with crab, watched our first live auction. Can you say loud??

2)   Even though I was dealing with not feeling well for most of the weekend, Chris and I were able to go see 21 Jump Street – which was freaking HILARIOUS.  The writers also did an excellent job of alluding to it being a remake of the 80’s television show with some witty dialogue and a few cameos.   Though, I do have to say the 5 year old kid that was sitting a few seats over from us….good GOD, I hope most of that went over his head.  The crudity, language and situations – while entertaining to the majority of adults – made me feel seriously uncomfortable for those parents. Rated R – like really really rated R – does not equal bring your 5 year old child!

3)   I am SO excited for the midnight Hunger Games movie on Thursday night!  I know I am going to be fully exhausted for work on Friday, but it is totally going to be worth it.  I am almost halfway through the 3rd book, and Chris just started the first one.  Definitely engaging, engrossing reads!

4)   This week I was again reminded that sometimes you have to go through some bad and frustrating times before you get to the good ones.  And sometimes speaking up will actually make you feel better! Karma does exist.

5)   Outdoor softball starts in a few weeks and I cannot wait to get outside!  I love my zumba, but there’s nothing like finally getting to play outside again! Talk about killing that seasonal melancholy…

6)   Dreaming up lists of all of the wonderful fun things to do this spring and summer – look for a future post. 🙂

7)   New favorite thing –> Coffee from Temple Coffee which is now on the way to work.  Dangerously expensive but sooo good!

Happy new week, all!  Make it a good one.

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