New Year’s Resolutions 1st Quarter Progress Report

It’s not a good sign when I scratch my head and start thinking “Crap, what were those New Year’s Resolutions again?” 🙂

I have a lovely calendar at work that is separated into 3 months at a time – also known as 4 quarters.  Being that I am about to cross off the last few days of March and flip to a new page, I realized it’s almost the end of the 1st quarter of the year. ¼ of 2012 is almost done, can you believe it?? I have to say though, a teensy part of me says good riddance – this first quarter is my least favorite of the year – Although it includes my Birthday, the San Francisco Writers Conference, and Valentine’s Day – it also includes the post holiday let-down, perpetual diet and exercise ads and as I mentioned in my last seven sentiments post, I suffer from self-proclaimed “seasonal melancholy” this time of year.

Anyway, as we enter the ‘spring quarter’, I thought it would be nice to do a little “First Quarter 2012 Goals Progress Report” to see how excellent, good-ish I’ve been doing.  😉

Recap of 2012 Goals here.

1) Read at least 12 Books

Well, thanks to the super fast reads of the Hunger Games series, I am halfway through book #4 and #5 for the year so far. Four almost five out of twelve in the first quarter? I’d say is pretty darn on track! And my Goodreads queue just keeps filling up with more books that I am excited to tackle!

2) Start learning Italian

For this, I am waiting for April to come around so that the rest of the community colleges can post their course schedules for the summer. (Sierra College didn’t help me out there…) I am hoping I’ll be able to work out taking an Italian class and a Photography class during the upcoming warmer months. (the “Summer Quarter” if you will) Especially considering my husband may be 3000 miles away training in Delaware. I’ll need a few things to keep myself busy….

3) Take an Art Class

Thanks to a birthday gift certificate from my lovely friend Sarah, I am planning to take an “Acrylics and Collage” art class at the end of April via the learning exchange. Gotta register still!

4) Make writing a HABIT, not just a goal.

I don’t think I get a gold star for this necessarily, but I am at least finding the time to write more blogs if nothing else. 20ish blogs in the first quarter of the year, what does that come out to, like 7 a month? I’d be happier with 12 a month as a goal… But thanks to some other freelance opportunities and submissions I am planning on attempting, the writing is bound to ratchet up in the spring quarter.

5) Add variation to my healthy lifestyle.

This one, again I can’t say I’m entirely succeeding in either…after a long hiatus, I’ve managed to add body pump back into my seriously zumba-filled schedule.  I’m taking more time to rest when my body says so…squeezing in a few yoga classes here and there…and adding in an extra night of softball for the spring.  Goals for spring: More Yoga, More Walking, More Outside.

I’d say I’m on the right track! Look for a future post on Spring and Summer Quarter goals and plans!

Happy Spring!!

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