Music Monday: Have a Little Faith

I just spent the last five days off from work. But I can’t say I’m entirely ready to and raring to start another long week. Perhaps that could be the stress that’s going on at work these days.  Or it could be that I am slightly OCD and only completed most of my To-Do lists for the weekend.  The unfinished dishes, the half done crafts.  The nearly-but-not-quite empty laundry basket.  But ready or not, here Monday comes.

And I did do a lot with those days off, went to visit my parents Wednesday and Thursday to see Lady Antebellum and then spent our Caesar Chavez holiday off on Friday having a lovely, quick Bodega Bay trip with Chris. (More on that and why every weekend should be a 3-day weekend later on.)  A lil’ gym time, countless amounts of chores, grocery shopping, meal planning and errands. Lots of cooking via Pinterest. Some TV, a movie, a good friend’s birthday party.  It was a jam packed long weekend with not a lot of rest.

I sent Chris off last night to Oregon for one of the more not-fun Amtrak runs and was a little melancholy heading off to bed with just Bertie and I.  The usual “there just isn’t enough time in the day(s)/ week(s)” and typical missing my husband went through my head.

But then I thought about the homeless woman that Chris pointed out on our way home from my friend’s birthday on Sunday.  He was commenting on how there seems to be a lot more homeless people in the last few years.  We both agreed that it was sad and a definite sign of the economy.  But we also both agreed that it really makes you think. About how good you DO have it.

I started thinking about the hard times we’ve had lately. The money problems, my illnesses, the stress of the state of change and adjustment that we seem to be constantly trudging through. I started thinking about the things we’ve said we’ve wished we had or can’t wait to be able to afford/make happen.  About some of the petty things that have been irking me lately.   And I realized, even with it’s problems, stresses, worries, and hard times – some people would KILL to have what I have.  And I need learn to be more thankful for it.

I am a big proponent of “problems are relative” and I’m not saying when you are going through a hard time to think “well at least I have both my legs” or “At least I’m not living in a gutter” – but I think it’s also important to put things into perspective.  You have the choice to find the good…

And to “Have a Little Faith” – in yourself, in the fact that whether a moment is happy or sad, it’s going to be over before you know it.  Have faith, and above all, be thankful.

So on this Music Monday – I leave you with Michael Franti’s  “Have a Little Faith.”

Happy Monday, Happy April, and Enjoy.

Make the choice for happiness today.

“When the rain comes down, the flowers gonna bloom, when the hard times come, you know the teacher’s in the room…you’re not alone…”

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