Filling Buckets, Happiness Journals and Being Present

The great thing about reading non-fiction books is that you can read them in pieces, and as quickly or as slowly as you need to.  I recently finished “How Full is Your Bucket.” By Tom Rath.  Such a short little book can make a huge difference.  The concept is simple – every day people either add to our happiness or subtract from it.  Every interaction either fills our bucket, or takes from it.  So every day, you must make a conscious effort to fill others buckets and in turn, fill your own.  And most important of all – don’t surround yourself with those who constantly dip from your bucket.

This is true in work, relationships, friendships, and all of life.  How did you fill up someone else’s bucket today?

I also am compiling many of the ideas and things I have taken away from Gretchen Rubin’s “Happiness Project.”  De-cluttering my whole house this summer is definitely on the list – but for today I want to share that I love her idea of keeping a happiness journal.  Somewhere where you write a few sentences everyday about what the happiest part of your day was.  What better way to remind ourselves of these happy, but fleeting memories?  She also speaks of a gratitude journal, of writing down what we are thankful for.   This reminds me of the little Thanksgiving Trees that we made in my after school program with the kids every year.  Each person would draw a tree and add leaves that said what they were most thankful for.  But just as resolutions should not solely be made at new years, giving thanks does not only belong on Thanksgiving.

I decided that my journal would be part happiness journal, part gratitude journal.  Perhaps if the spirit moves me, I will sometimes share these musings on here.  ; )

I love this quote:

If we aren’t all the epitome of that?  Wondering if we made decisions correctly, wondering how the future is going to pan out.  Speaking from someone who is about to go through a lot of changes, I don’t want to let that present slip by, so I’m going to write down today’s bits of happiness.  What are yours?

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