Fall: School, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Why I love Vitamin String Quartet

Well, here we are FINALLY on the heels of fall.  In the coming weeks the air will get cooler, the leaves colored, smells of apples and pumpkin filling the house, and I will get A LOT busier.

*Insert sardonic laugh*

Yes, I thought I was busy before this. But that was pre-grad school.  PGS, let’s say.  PGS – I had plenty of time to see friends, go crazy at the gym and read – whatever I wanted.  Now that grad school has started, I will be seeing less of my friends, less novels, sadly less of this blog, even less of my husband, and a very regimented day-to-day schedule. I will be seeing more of the Sac State campus – didn’t you know, 9-5 Work, School and teaching Zumba, plus studying – I pretty much live there now?  More of the local coffee shops – see: I can’t study at home because I am OCD about cleaning my house. (thanks mom) And more Friday nights with a glass of wine and a book than anything else.

I make light of it – but it’s going to be hard  – freaking HARD.   It already is, and we are barely through week one.  But the end goal is going to be worth the effort.  And somehow, I will find a balance.  So any words of advice for maintaining sanity and relationships with a full time demanding job and full time graduate school are greatly appreciated.

So far I’ve gotten:

“Make time for your friends and family at least one day of the week.” (easier said than done with Chris and I’s schedules)

“You can’t be studying all the time, so don’t let worrying ruin your ‘not studying’ time.”     <– This is a great one

“Learn to be a good skimmer.” <– Haha, so true

“Learn to say no.”  <– One of the hardest things for me, especially when it comes to friends and extra commitments.

And somehow during this midst of fighting through the everydays, I hope to sprinkle the busy-ness with some of the happiest parts of Fall.   See – the TWO boards I pinned (PGS) full of fall goodness here and here. Apple Hill, pumpkin carving, baking, fire-building and football.  (Not to mention Monterey Jazz Festival, Bridge School Benefit and two of my best friends’ wedding)  And I’m sure I’ll find the time here and there to squeeze in some Modern Family and Dexter.  (Is it the 4th week of Sept yet??)

Somehow I’ll find a way to make it all fit.

But for today on a side note, please check out the Vitamin String Quartet if you never have before. They are a string quartet who has recorded literally hundreds of albums of covers of every kind of music imaginable. I think my spotify playlist is upwards of 100 now. Their version of Wonderwall is one of my favorites.  They are AWESOME and officially my favorite music to study by.

And please join me in welcoming back the pumpkin spice latte to Starbucks today.  Now that REALLY means it’s fall.

If you don’t hear from me for another month…I promise to at least post photos every now and again.  See Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr.

Happy Fall.

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2 Responses to Fall: School, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Why I love Vitamin String Quartet

  1. Janice Berg says:

    Just catching up on your blogs. You are such a spiritually smart girl and, feel it or not, balanced! Know your self’s highest priorities and always honor those. Do the rest also but don’t put too much (or any) energy into worrying. Enjoy the journey because it goes by soooo fast!

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